What we do

At Isofarma, we develop, manufacture and sell IV solutions in plastic ampoules and bags, being leaders in Brazil in the small volume market and growing increasingly in the large volume market.

Quality reference in our sector. Our biggest differential is the high quality of our products, verified by the best and more demanding hospitals in our country.

Coming Soon – Polypropylene bags (PVC free)

Water for injections – 100ml

Water for injections – 250ml

Water for injections – 500ml 

Ringer's solution – 500ml

Ringer's lactate solution – 500ml

Glucose 5% – 100ml 

Glucose 5% – 250ml 

Glucose 5% – 500ml

Glucose 10% – 250ml

Glucose 10% – 500ml

Glucose 50% – 100ml

Glucose 50% – 500ml 

Sodium Chloride 0,9% – 100ml

Sodium Chloride 0,9% – 250ml

Sodium Chloride 0,9% – 500ml