Excellence is one of the most important principles in Isofarma’s quality standards. Based on that, we offer our clients the best products; we deliver to the market a line of medicine of a truly higher quality.

We are constantly working towards attending new demands and finding smarter solutions, always with agility and professionalism. We maintain a close relationship with universities and health institutions of the highest levels, in an unstoppable search for better practices, process management, sustainability and cost reductions.

Isofarma also cultivates a great relationship with its customers, with an open communication and partnerships which have throughout the years benefited both sides. After all, those who work with lives, like us, understand the great importance of relentlessly recycling yourself and creating safer and more efficient alternatives to attend the challenges of the health field. 

Through constant and rigorous inside and outside audits, the perfect interaction of our team, a highly active quality system and the total respect for the current regulations in the country, our products have its quality and credibility verified and approved by the best and more demanding hospitals in Brazil.